A Little Glimpse Into My World

Picture of the Author on her 30th Birthday — Picture Courtesy of the Author

How a Recovering Codependent Got Better at Boundaries and You Can Too

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Sensory Processing Sensitivity

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How Do I Know If I’m a Highly Sensitive Person?

Writing Prompt Week 3- Lessons from my Father

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  1. Treat Others as You Want to be Treated

Writing Prompt Week 2

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Week 3 Writing Prompt- One Thing I Would Do or Would’ve Done Differently to Save the World

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How Struggling in Adolescence led me to a Helping Profession

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Losing weight in 2021

Woman smiling while exercising
Woman smiling while exercising
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It’s Common for Many, Yet Lacks Understanding

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It’s time for a new perspective on Highly Sensitive People

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Mari Moore

Mental Health Counselor, Writer, Passionate Advocate for LGBTQ+ Rights, Animal Lover — She/Her/Hers

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